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World Next Door Music

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World Next Door Music Publishing is an ASCAP Music Publishing Company is a small independent music composing, recording, editing, and publishing company in Nevada City, California tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains has been creating music since 1970: any style or genre.

This site showcases Gerald Martin Davenport's Music and Songs, as well as, song written with others either lyrics and/or music. World Next Door music publishing is a small one person operation. We love music, the meanings, the tones, the harmonies, and the beats.

Music touches our lives every minute we are awake — and for some, like me, when they are asleep. Music shapes our world, it gives us hope, it makes us cry, we dance, rejoice, and it motivates and moves us to achieve greater heights of creativity and destruction. Music also soothes and relaxes as well as stir up and awaken our inner beast.

In fact, music, other than water, air, and food, has become the thing that we need the most to make it through the day. We wake up to music, we listen to it on the way to work, we carry it with us on our mobile devices — we use it as ring-tones to let us know that someone is calling. Music touches every aspect of our life.