A chance to write a movie score

A chance to write a movie score!

a chance to write a movie score
A chance to write a movie score


Would you be interested in writing, composing, performing, and recording a song, music, or a movie score? Here is your chance to write a movie score for a 10 minute film.

Nevada County TV with the help of Breckport Media Solutions and Aria Pictures has started their first annual Screenplay Contest “Here in Nevada County.”

It starts out as a:

• Screenplay Contest: anyone, any age, and anywhere can write and submit a ten-minute screenplay.
• Ten Screenplays are chosen, these are “Selected Winners” and the writers / producers get a cast & crew Call in May where they select members for their team to help make their film.
• Throughout the summer they make their film that is due by the first week of September.
• Then in October the finished films will be projected on the big screen at a local theater!!!

Here in Nevada County Screenplay Contest Promo #1 is an exciting opportunity; a chance to write a movie score and highlight your talents as a composer, songwriter, singer, and musician.  The Filmmakers will be looking for music to put in the movie, all volunteer of course, credit and possible copy — depending on the filmmaker — along with the movie playing on a big screen at a local theater, as well as, on NCTV and their youtube channel, plus the possibilities of the filmmaker’s outlets they choose to showcase their film.

You do not need to be local to Nevada County: Grass Valley or Nevada City, California, as I, Gerald Davenport, have used composers from out of state: Danny Gray from New York for THE GOLdEN TREE, and Doug Hammer from Boston for “the WATERING hole.”

Screenplay Contest Promo #1

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