A New World

A New Beginning – A New Change – A Different Focus – A new World

wndmusic_logo a new world“A new World?” Not exactly, we are living in the same one we have for, well, since the beginning.  Our logo is in progress for an update, but is more the image for the Novel, Screenplay, and Song.

I was referring to a new world for World Next Door Music, We are at a new domain location, yes we lost our wndmusic.com, but it was never really used and was an expenditure that we could do without at this time, which is why we are here now.

We were not really here to promote our services except to local artists and to showcase local artists material.  Times have changed, many years have passed and our focus has changed, we hope for the better.

The site is being reworked so it is up to date with mobile devices and SEO marketing and linking with our parent company Aria Pictures, and our Creative CEO Gerald Martin Davenport, as well as, to our wonderful Professional Website Design Firm Davenport Website Designs.

This Blog will be for Music, Movie, and Artistic creations, not just ours but anyone who wants to share.  We hope you join us and spread the love and joy of music and beyond.

PEACE!  and God Bless.

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