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World Next Door began as a dream of Gerald Martin Davenport — a nightmare to be more exact — back in 1971 when he purposely manipulated his dreams of the ID, the subconscious, or the WORLD NEXT DOOR. But the essence of the name was the grandeur and desire of wanting to record an album — a collection of songs recorded onto a vinyl disk.


“World Next Door” was coined and a song came out of it for TV Productions class in high school at Nevada Union in Grass Vally, California. Perfect for TRON at the time because it was written on the same premise, and written long before TRON came out or before anyone ever heard about it — remember information was slow back then as the internet was not available.


After several hundred tries at sending demo tapes to publishers and record labels, Gerald decided to record his own album with the title of “World Next Door.” (Digital technology was in its early stages and was quite pricey). Doing a complete rewrite of all his material, which took nearly three years, after which he was more comfortable sharing his music with people.


After moving around the past fours years from area to area looking for a place to call home, not just a house but an area, they ended up back in Grass Valley, California. During all the moving he kept with the rewriting of his music and began looking for Analog-Recording equipment. At that time Digital equipment was near the same price and seemed to be the future of music recording. Aria Leven Davenport was born on April 9, 1990.


Living in Nevada City with Tamara's parents in their woodshop converted to an apartment of sorts, Kyriè Sierra Davenport was born on December 30, 1992.


In the new home once the music room was finished, and after buying some expensive equipment, he was able to get started. In December of 2000, he was infected with a simple little cold that turned into a severe sinus infection that lasted until February of 2001 — to find out in 2007 that for the past seven years, he would get infections from November to February due to being allergic to CEDAR TREES — the polen not the smell. There was a HUGE one in the back yard.


He was tired of dead-end, no accomplishment jobs he decided to go to school for Computer Science with a minor in music.

World Next Door became a novel based on the original premise of his nightmares back in 1971. Instead of being inside a computer, it is now back inside the MIND. The song was rewritten to correspond with the novel — a few minor words were changed to get away from the TRON/computer idea since many thought it was copied. A 300 page screenplay was written based on the original story, and the novel was rewritten at the same time.

Working on a Masters Degree in Computer Science at CSU Chico, Gerald was not happy with their program. He then attempted to do Visual Effects for film, but the school was a joke, and he is not a drawing artist, which is what is required, plus the market dropped and was infested with many people taking those positions. So, he was back to square one — what did he want to do for the rest of his life?

The answer came when Gerald looked at what he enjoyed doing when he was younger — what was one of his daydream jobs? Working in Film and Music. In 2004, Gerald graduated from a Film-School and a post-production school in Burbank, California.


Gerald wrote Paint based off of an idea by Adam Vesely, and produced, directed, and edited it as a 19 minute short.


World Next Door Music is now a division of Aria Pictures, an Independent Film Production company. WND Music helps with music procurement, licensing, and use of music for film production. Aria Pictures is a division of the parent company Davenport.

Gerald is still active in musical composition and perfomance, and he will always be, but is focus now is the combined story-telling with music.

World Next door is a Rock Song, Symphonic composition, Novel, Screenplay (soon to be film), a Music Production Company with ASCAP, and a division of Aria Pictures — the album title (cd) is still in his mind, but it is now saved for the film.

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