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Pictured are Roger Lewis Jones & Robbi Spencer at SE Studios.
Roger Lewis Jones & Robbi Spencer at SE Studios

Living on the Front Line of the music industry

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  • by Robbi Spencer
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Living on the Front Line

Hello friends and family!! My name is Robbi Spencer and I have been producing records (Living on the Front Line) since 1989 and in that time, I have learned many things that have been helpful to others along my way. My aim here, is to impart some of this Galactical Know how to YOU, the reader or subscriber. For the past few years I have been focusing my energy on creating amazing audio for film projects. What I will talk about most on here will be related to working in the recording studio on music projects. I will lay some of these projects out on the table and we will discuss what went right with them and what went wrong and how to get the best result next time. I am currently the CEO of Progressive Edge Records, Studio Manager of SE Studios, DJ for SE Radio and Husband to the most incredible woman in the world, Shirl Spencer! I stay very busy, but never too busy to post in here. I hope that it helps some of you, that is my intention.

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