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Music Touches our Soul, Mind, and Body

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  • by Gerald Martin Davenport
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Searching the Internet

I was playing with BING, I know, Microsft UFGH!. But, since I am a website designer, I have to know how mine and my client sites are viewed through DuckDuckGo, Google, and BING. I happened to be looking at Bing and saw a listing for You Raise Me Up, by Westlife, and took a look.

Westlife, is a great sounding boy singing group, just like most of the others, and their renditions of certain songs are a fresh change. I listen to You Raise Me Up as it was the song I put on the video of Aria's 8th Grade Graduation from Lyman Gilmore, and later made a new version where he waves to us as a little boy, and I tear up thinking about it; his mother and grandparents played a major role in his education and upbringing, but I hope he feels I was in there a little.

Of course we love Josh Groban's version

And the this version is pretty good as well by the BYU Vocal Point

Seasons in the Sun for everyone we miss!

I listened to Seasons In The Sun by Westlake.

And I think of my brother-in-law Robert Cooper and know I will see him again one day soon. Though all of the things he will miss with his children growing up, growing old with my sister, and all the things he would accomplish are what make me sad the most. The things we would have done with him, Aria, and Kyrie. We miss him so much, and being apart of my life is also sad, but nothing compared to his loss.

Just remember, You Are Loved!

Remember: Turn your headlights on for safety.