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Geoffrey Hamilton | Poet and Writer

Geoffrey Hamilton is a Poet, writer, songwriter, and wonderful person. Co-wrote Hour of Life for the movie Speed Bump

Back in the late 1990s, we were running OS 8 and 9 on our Macintosh computers. There was Kaleidoscope, a little system altering app that would change your system icons and window colors. I downloaded a few schemes named: Hannah‘s Super Grey, 1984, Cecil - Episode I, Cecil II - The Revenge, CECIL III - Final Consequence, and MadMac, along with many others, but these schemes were made by an author named Geoffrey Hamilton.

Most of these creations were done by people in Japan, New York, and other faraway places from my little spot on this vast planet. If there is something that I enjoy using, I will let the company or individual know. I would find a way to let them know my appreciation for it — I am a huge Shareware fan. Now with that in mind, I looked at his bio of information that came with the scheme and saw he had a website (no longer there), and browsing the content, I notice that he mentioned that he hung out at Borders in Roseville. Was that Roseville, California? Yes, it was.

I contacted him, and he came up for the Brewfest, and we became good friends.


A Color Scheme for Kaleidoscope
by Geoffrey Hamilton

Charitable Donation-Ware!

If you decide to keep 1984, please consider a donation to a worthy charity of $10, or give some of your time. Many of you have emailed positive response to this requirement, and I am greatly cheered by your willingness to give. Thank you.

Minimum Requirements:
Kaleidoscope 2.0
8-bit grayscale or color monitor

Kaleidoscope 2.2
Mac OS 8.5 or Mac OS 9
16- or 24-bit color monitor

As you probably know, Kaleidoscope 2 allows for window shapes and color control that were never possible before its release. This scheme has had every resource updated for K2, and is radically different from its previous incarnation. 1984 still retains its blue and gray colors and bold black lines, and shares many common design elements with its sister scheme, Cecil III.

Legal Statement:
I make no warranties, written or implied or even hinted at, that this software will change your life for the better. Feel free to use this software at your own damned risk.

1984 color scheme and its associated icons copyright 1999, Geoffrey Hamilton. It may be distributed to BBS's, friends, co- workers, software archives and a singer in a rock-and-roll band in its original, unmodified .sit format.

Those wishing to distribute via CD-ROM, please email for permission and the latest update.

Credit where credit is due:

This Scheme contains a video capture from Apple's 1984 Macintosh commercial. You can download your own copy by pointing your web browser or ftp client at:

"Lemmings" commercial ©1984 Apple Computer Inc.

Thanks Arlo, Greg and the gang at
Special thanks to Mihai Parparita and Gerry Davenport.

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Aqua Dragon Force
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