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Tim Wilson Original Music with Gerald Martin Davenport

Tim Wilson collaborates with Gerry Davenport writing songs. A Teacher/Student friendship

I met Tim Wilson, a TV Production, Math, English, and Yearbook teacher, in 1979. I took everything but english and math from him, but honestly, he taught everything all the time.

For three years we were close. We learn each others likes and dislikes, and knew each other on a personal basis as well. That in itself would prove vital for me to graduate with passing grades. I came through two divorces at that time — my own parents — and my Uncle and his wife, the family that I lived with while attending Nevada Union High School in Northern California. It was a struggle for me; thinking it was my fault that both divorces happened, I turned to school, Tim Wilson, music, and a redhead…

Tim has been there supporting me in any way that he could. He is an accomplished lyricist and writer — yes, he amazes me at his written word, just like another person I have collaborated with, and I am proud to be apart of his creative world.