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How and Where can I share my music?

I always asked How and Where can I Share My Music? No one ever gsave me a difinitive answer.

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  • by Gerald Martin Davenport
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I always asked, “How and Where can I Share My Music?” “How can I get people to hear my music?”

No one ever gave me a definitive answer. It has been some time since I looked into the venues for Bands and their music, as well as, outlets for songwriters to have their music heard, but while following Doug Hammer, Danny Gray, Amethyst, and Edward Goforth I have seen there are more opportunities for musicians, songwriters, and composers to get their music heard by the masses today.

It was hard before the internet to find a stage for songwriters to share their music. Most songwriters have to perform their own music whether they have talent or not. Not everyone can sing or carry a tune let alone multitask by singing and playing. Some people, like me when I first started, played an instrument that does not lend to a pleasurable performance for an audience, as well as, those instruments do not lend to the performer singing and playing at the same time such as the drums/percussion, brass, or woodwinds.

There are Open Mic rooms in Sacramento, as well as, stages that you can rent or get booked. Plus the iTunes sales and Independent Radio Play. It is amazing at what is available to the Music Maker today — things I wish were around back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Examples of the outlets that musicians I know are using to showcase their music are:

  • Itunes
  • CD Baby
  • YouTube
  • Pandora
  • Amazon
  • Solo Piano Radio
  • Sound Cloud
  • Sound Stripe

So stop asking “Where Can I Share My Music? and get out and start sharing it!

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