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A New World is coming

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  • by Gerald Martin Davenport
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A New Beginning – A New Change – A Different Focus – A new World

World Next Door Music™ logo. “A New World?” Not exactly, we are living in the same one we have for, well, since the beginning. Our logo has a new look and is the image for the Novel, Screenplay, and the Song with many variations and styles.

I was referring to a New World for World Next Door Music. We are at a new domain location, yes we gave up our, but it was never really used and was an expenditure that we could do without at this time.

Unfortunately our time is busy working with local artists and our own projects. The main site is a placeholder for our corporate owner Davenport Media Group to have a legal location of existence as a division of Davenport Media Group. We are unable to work with outside artists at this time, but are willing to open a line of communication for future collaboration.

This Blog will be for Music, Movie, and Artistic creations, not just ours but anyone who wants to share. We hope you join us and spread the love and joy of music and beyond. Please enjoy the articles and if you are interested in writing for us please contact us for details.

PEACE and God Bless.

Remember: Turn your headlights on for safety.