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Ed Goforth | Guitarist Extraordinaire

Edward Goforth is a Guitarist Extraordinaire and a talented musician

Ed Goforth is “The icing on the cake of a song!”

I remember needing a lead guitarist to add that extra something to my music — I had skills to write the lyrics, play the piano, rhythm guitars, bass, percussion, and sing, but not lead. I put up a flyer on the board at Foggy Mountain Music in Grass Valley in 1984, I was working at One Stop Super Market — a bowling alley and the Beam center now reside there — and a women comes in giving me her number to call her husband Edward Goforth.

Ed's first day over with his guitar he asks, So. What do you want? I told him, If I knew what I wanted, you would not be here. I played him World Next Door and he listened to it over and over and over while playing along and then it happened. A melody, a feeling, rush of music filled the air and he created the icing on the cake. I was mesmerized at what I was hearing — it was way beyond anything I had imagined.

Ed is a rare and gifted person. His heart is true, his passion and skills are strong; he is a talent that has been left unknown, but not unheard, and one of these days when the sky is the limit, or when things align right, he will be in the spotlight and you can all enjoy the works he is done."

- gerald November 13, 2009 - updated: February 25, 2023

TAKE A LISTEN TO HIS AWESOME SOUND · Watch Ed Goforth play on Black Magin Woman