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Gerald Martin Davenport's Original Music

Gerald Martin Davenport enjoys playing, writing, and performing music since he was three.

“I write what I feel in the moment; I have no preference, I have no deadline, and I have no requirements to fill; it could be rock, metal, a ballad, country, instrumental, or a little of all of them.

I also have no preference of instrument — Guitar or Piano, it does not matter. I have even written a song just practicing on the drums — I record the beat and sing the melody and rhythm.

Music is an addiction for me — good music — although I am not fond of the saying Music is in the ear of the beholder. I listen to all kind of styles. Too much of one style of music all day does get monotonous. I am a HUGE fan of Cheap Trick, The Cars, Hoobastank, Doug Hammer, Danny Gray, and… OKAY bad example, since I cannot get bored of them.”