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World Next Door | The Imagination Runs Wild

Written by Gerald Martin Davenport

© 1981 Gerald Martin Davenport: Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement

“In 1981, I was a Sophomore in high school at Nevada Union in Grass Valley, California, and in TV Production class taught by Tim Wilson. There was a contest for original video production from a high school. Since I was the music person, the person that tinkered with the canned music on productions, they all decided to have me do the music.

I was not happy with just using someone else’s music over our original production, so I set out to write something. I already had a melody of sorts that I was playing with for almost five years and had no idea what to do with until then. The theme of the contest was, “The World Next Door,” and I took that title and created a song about what are production was about.

A man finds a quarter on the ground and picks it up. He passes by a video game that has someone inside begging him to play the game. After the man has finished playing the game with a high score, he gets sucked inside the video game and the person inside gets zapped outside the game, and is freed.

We did not get the video off the ground, but the music will live on. Also, if you note the year and what the song is about, this was a precursor to TRON.

Another point to make and I need to thank them all, again look at the date, I had no access to my own music studio back then and was only writing music with a guitar. So I needed some way to get it to the video and also to add more instruments. Along came MAD DASH and they agreed to do the song if they could play it at gigs.

Now the recording was done at my uncle Wayne Brakensiek's, who at the time lived in Auburn. It was recorded on a 4-track Real-to-Reel with a full band: Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, and Vocals; I still have that tape.

I remember going to see Mad Dash play, World Next Door (remember it is “World Next Door” — NOT WITH: “the”) was a requested song, even when they had already play it. Thanks guys.”
- gerald - July 30, 2005 update:

World Next Door© ® ™ · Dave Cowie sings

“This is a very short sample of the song as it has evolved into; slower, more edgy, and eerie. In fact it has gotten even more diabolical to match the novel and screenplay: in your face, loud, and dark.

World Next Door© ® ™ · Full Song · Gerald Sings

This is a completed version of the song, not the newest, but the tatest, probably done around 2005 or earlier. Not a fan of the lead keyboard sound I chose, at least not now, maybe back then.


© 1990 Gerry Davenport

“I was playing the piano at a friend of my, not yet, in-laws, so I was playing the piano with care. I was playing World Next Door slowly and with feeling as they walked by they said ‘Oh, how pretty. Is that yours?’ I replied, ‘Yes it is, and you do not know what it really sounds like.’

Though it got me thinking and I created this that very night as a symphonic piece — would be awesome to have a full orchestra play it for the film! TURN IT UP!!!”

World Next Door

© ® ™ · performed by Mad Dash (1981)

August 1981
Mad Dash: Craig Boom, Perry Kavros, Peter Robinson, Nick Kavros, and Sean Michael Beyer perform at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in 1981.

Written by Gerald Martin Davenport.

The video is not sped up, that is how fast they played it, but it has been slowed down with many versions.

Conversation with Perry Kavros about WND and Mad Dash

Thursday, August 7, 2008 8:39:32 am

Hey Gerry, I've been going through your website and come across “The World Next Door.”
When I played in Mad Dash I used to love playing that song, did you write it?

for some reason it rings a bell that you did, but I thought Pete and Sean may have had something to do with it. - Perry Kavros

Thu, August 07, 2008 11:17 am

It is called World Next Door [without the 'the']. I wrote it for a tv production class in high school (I had the beginning melodic part for along time before I put it into a song). Sean asked if the band 'Mad Dash' (I miss that band) could play it.

It is now:
• a Song, both symphonic and rock — edgier like Mission Impossible on the first one.
• It is a novel - yes based off the screen play or vice versa not sure anymore been so long and so many changes
• A screenplay [ a mind scare - about your imagination ]
• it is my ASCAP music publish company name World Next Door Music, which is where you are — All will eventually be made into a form for the WORLD to see. Just need financing, time, and time…

Thursday, August 7, 2008 11:45:22 am

I still have a video when we played at the fair grounds one of the songs was World Next Door part of it is messed up, don't know why, I have it on VHS and will try and get it to you if you would like, your kids would probably enjoy it, however I'm not sure I want to reveal the outfits I wore back then. - Perry Kavros

Thursday, August 7, 2008 12:34:45 pm

Nick was guitar and Craig Boom was Lead Guitar at that time, I was bass, I think this was pre Bloom. I ran sound most of the time I was in the band, I suck as a musician and always like the technical side of sound.

When I moved to San Jose my goal was live sound and recording, I starting mixing for a band down here called Ironically The Dash.

I got Nick into this band and we later changed the name to Mad Dash. Our lead guitarist we had Greg Camp went on to form Smash Mouth I'm guessing you herd of. Unfortunately I got a job with NASA and have been here ever since, which is probably a blessing because I've always taken my work serious and it's hard to hang out with musicians that are flakes. - Perry Kavros

Thu, August 14, 2008 8:51 am

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Is the tape spend up? or did you play it that fast? I don't remember, but the chorus was really slowed down.

Pete is singing, Sean is funny and the keys were horrible. But that was the thing back then, I guess. Who did lead, Nick? I thought Jack Bloom was in the band at one time. Have you heard the 2000 version? there is a 2008 version, but not quite recorded yet.

Thu, August 14, 2008 8:51 am

We always played it that fast. Jack was in the band at just can't quite put my timeline together, I was in it from the begining but shuffled between Bass and running sound. Nick was rythm Craig was lead. I played a version on your website the other day and thought that was cool to here it differently than what I'm used to.

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December 7, 2006
This is the promo created for World Next Door that is a song, novel, screenplay, and an ASCAP Music Publishing company by Aria Pictures