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The Movies | A Poem by Geoffrey Hamilton

Poem by Geoffrey Hamilton · Music by Gerald (Gerry) Martin Davenport

© 2001 Geoffrey Hamilton: Poem · Gerald (Gerry) Davenport: Music

Gerald‘s Story updated: February 25, 2023

“Sometime ago, while Geoffrey and I would play video games, and write music, he said to me, “Gerry, I’m going to put my CD Evil Breakfast together of poetry, and I want to put music to it.” I thought that would be interesting but never thought about it until he called me and said he was coming up, and wanted me to put music to his poem called “the movies.”

The day was long, but fun. He recorded his poem first so I could get an idea of what it was about and the pacing. He talked about what he was thinking of, but it was up to me since I was the musical director.

After it was all put together, we were messing around, and I said that we should do an audio commentary like there is on most DVD‘s. I hit record and the rest his history. It took us several tries to finish it because we would die laughing. Geoffrey was the one who kept it together, I was the main one who could not keep a straight face.”

- gerald

Geoff's Story (August 28, 2002)

This was an easy poem to write. Earlier in the evening, I had taken a lovely young woman on a ‘movie and dinner’ date. I teased her relentlessly the entire time. When we arrived at the movie theater, I pulled my truck into a parking space, killed the engine and waited. She sat, waiting patiently for me. I turned and said, “We are here, get out of the truck!” She spun around in her seat yelling what became the first line of the poem.

The poem has never been edited for content, only spelling.

© 2001 Geoffrey Hamilton: Poem

oh no you don‘t
I know how this is supposed to work.
when the plane takes off
it takes off without you!
we watch it climb
into the evening sky
from the tarmac
and when the sun sets
we ride into the flame
and when the car leaves the reception
tin cans trail on the strings in its wake
a bell rings and an angel gets its wings
you tap your ruby slippers together
and come home to me
my horse talks us into marrying
a ship rescues us from our lifeboat
we save the world from the evil super-genius
we vow to rebuild our town after a natural diaster
I shoot the corrupt sheriff and you reopen your whorehouse

Laurel and Hardy make a cameo appearance
the whole town is here
everyone from the lab
some secret agents
and all our freinds are here
and they're smiiling
shaking hands
patting our backs
and when we embrace
the musical score crescendos

The End.

The Movies: Commentary