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Little Miss Kyriè | For a Niece

© 2001 Jerry Young & Gerry Davenport

Jerry Young: Lyrics (1993)
Gerry Davenport: Music & added Lyrics (12/2000 and 5/25/2001)

As we were pulling up to the hospital On December 30, 1992, when it was time for the birth, Jerry, my brother-in-law, hands me a piece of paper with some lyrics on it. Jerry wrote most of the lyrics but there were some holes once the music started coming together.

I asked you to be my wife,
because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, miss Kyriè.

You turned me down. Said I‘m a clown,
and that you didn‘t want me around to give you what you need, miss Kyriè.

You broke my heart then you rode away.
On that tall white horse you did the other day.
A dozen things that I wanted to say,
won‘t you give me your love,
Little miss Kyriè?

I‘m Begging you on bended knees.
Oh please, please won‘t you marry me and be my wife, miss Kyriè?

So you rode off into the dawn.
Now I know that you‘re really gone.
Will I ever see you again?
Oh will I ever see you again, miss Kyriè?

This is essentially a demo track; however, the things that I will change are:

  1. Better recording
  2. More guitars
  3. Add Lead guitar
  4. No backing vocals?