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Prayers | For the Children of the World

Written & Performed by Gerald Martin Davenport

© 2001 Gerald Martin Davenport [Music (1993): New Lyrics (2001)]

“This song is a rewrite of a song that I wrote for Polly Klaas back in 1993. For some reason I felt compelled to write it for her and I did not know her — it was something I thought I could do to help. At the time, I did not have the equipment nor the money to record it professionally, so I sent a demo to the Foundation and told them that the rights would be signed over to them and they could do what they wished with it. I heard nothing from them — I do know they were really busy and frantic at the time, so I do not have any bad feelings about it.

May it fill your heart with joy and sadness as it does mine.”
- gerald - July 30, 2005 - Updated: February 25, 2023