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Wrap Me Up In Shadows | a nod to Film Noir

© 2003 Tim Wilson & Gerald Martin Davenport

Wrap Me Up In Shadows - with vocals

Tim Wilson, a fabulous, creative, and imaginative person, has come to me since 1982 to put music to his lyrics. Well when he came to me in 2003 to show me his new creation, it was a different but refreshing way we wrote it. Tim had the lyrics and the melody already which he sang to me; I just figured out chords and rythym would fit together.

He wrote this for his daughter Kasey's play she wrote about the Hollywood Black Nior era. The song has a Jazzy Blues feel. Piano, stand-up bass, drums, and trumpet.
- gerry May 14, 2020

Tim Wilson: Lyrics & Melody
Gerald Martin Davenport: Musical Arrangement

With Male vocal. Designed for a Female voice

Wrap Me Up In Shadows - music only